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September 20, 2017

How to get through the Pregnancy Blues


Okay so first off there is no cure. Also, I love this beautiful thing your body does and I know so many girls would give anything to be pregnant, so I don’t want this to come off as being ungrateful because I love love having new babies in the house, I love being pregnant and how much joy I receive from it. It really is the best.

Now that I have completed this journey I really had a hard time the last few weeks, not only physically on my body but mentally it was getting harder and harder each day.

Here are some things that I have been doing to get through these blues and hard times.

Spray Tans

Yes, you are probably thinking this is the dumbest and most narcissistic thing in the universe, but trust me you will feel so much better looking at your growing mutilated body in the mirror. When I wasn’t pregnant I got them and they were fun and stuff but being pregnant and getting them I am a hot babe! It is like a foundation for your body, it covers up so much of your stretch marks and even makes your tight belly have a nice glow. Trust me it will make you feel so good, especially if you are a pasty white girl like me. Read more

March 18, 2017

Mary had a little lamb and she cut off its tail for its own good

Yes, I know the title sounds a little brutal but this is real life. I grew up with a dairy farmer dad who had started a little farm at our house. One year we decided to change it up a little bit from steers and get lambs. We had lots of cute little lambs and I instantly fell in love with them. I even picked out my own lamb that was all white and I named her “Angel.” I loved her and I would pick her up and carry her all the time.

One day I remember going outside to visit my sweet little lamb and as I walked to the barn I looked on the ground and I could see little tails that had fallen off of the lambs all over everywhere. I was so sad. I felt horrible for these lambs and I was so mad that my dad had done this. I knew he was putting rubber bands on their tails but I had no idea that it would do that. Read more

January 23, 2017

5 AHA! Parenting Moments


Sometimes (and by that I mean all the time) in parenting, I feel like it is trial and error. I never realize I am doing things wrong until I do something right. I never realize I made terrible decisions till something goes horribly wrong.  Here are 5 of my AHHHHA! moments in parenting. Read more

November 20, 2016

3 Thanksgiving Games for Kids

Hello Pretties!

This week I decided to come up with a few quick ideas to play with my little pretties. My girls are still so young that they don’t understand Thanksgiving quite yet. I hope this gives you some fun ideas to help your little ones enjoy this holiday, because it is my favorite time of year. I think playing these games at our house this week made my girls so excited for Thanksgiving.  Read more