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November 2015

November 18, 2015

Hollynd turns #3!

I feel so weird having a 3 year old, it make me feel so old! She has been so much fun in our lives and we seriously cant remember how our life was before we had her. We have been a crazy house here trying to get moved in and not to mention we have had no: flooring, ¬†dishwasher, washer, dryer and oven for over 3 weeks. It has been a mess but we managed to have a great birthday and had everything finished in time. We took Hollynd to Disney princess on ice for her birthday on Friday night, then had a party with our family and friends on Saturday. I totally forgot to take pictures of her princess party, and the power went out of course but the show must go on. She got 6 new princess dresses, and we had Ariel’s seaweed delight (spinach avocado dip) Aurora’s Pink salad (pink fruit salad) Clovers garden salad, fairy godmother’s wands (fruit Kebabs) and we used dinglehoppers to eat our food with of course!!

As you can see she was in pure heaven the whole time! She is so in love with her princesses. I made a video with her first three years on it here and it makes me want to cry it is flying by, I just love her so.