April 27, 2017

Quick New Makeup Routine

Hello Pretties!

I just wanted to do an updated makeup routine for you guys because I have been getting asked a lot of questions about my new routine and what I am using. I have decided that this year I would work on simplifying my life. I had no idea that it would be my makeup routine that I would simplify.

I was getting bad, real bad. I will love all my collection of makeup forever, but I felt it was time to focus more time on my babies. I know this sounds cheesy, but when I go to work or have to get ready I was taking so long on my makeup. I would spend two episodes of “Daniel Tiger” which is a total of 40 min, then I would spend another two episodes on my hair and clothes, and the girl’s hair and clothes which were another 40 min. I had no idea that I spent that much time until I started using this makeup by Maskcara Beauty.

Since I have changed up my routine, I am proud to say that I have cut down my makeup time to one episode and one episode for my hair and clothes. I think that is pretty dang good. I’m obsessed and I love how this makeup looks just as good as when I use to spend all morning on it.

Motherhood is where I need to be. My babies need me more and more each day. I want to look back and remember more memories with them instead of my time in front of the mirror.

Check out some of my before and after pictures of my horrible makeup desk! I would constantly organize and reorganize. With my new routine, I love that this is all I need to do my whole face.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to get color matched and try out the product. I also love going to your house and teaching classes. You get a bunch of girlfriends and I come to you and teach you how to contour, and what colors to use. I have so much fun at these, and I will most likely bring a yummy treat. I love it and so will you!!

xoxo Pretties!

Before: Makeup Routine

After: Makeup routine.

Here is a quick video I made and I’m so sorry for how horrible it looks! I did it so quickly and on my phone, you gotta love that mom life and those funny kids in the background.


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