September 20, 2017

How to get through the Pregnancy Blues


Okay so first off there is no cure. Also, I love this beautiful thing your body does and I know so many girls would give anything to be pregnant, so I don’t want this to come off as being ungrateful because I love love having new babies in the house, I love being pregnant and how much joy I receive from it. It really is the best.

Now that I have completed this journey I really had a hard time the last few weeks, not only physically on my body but mentally it was getting harder and harder each day.

Here are some things that I have been doing to get through these blues and hard times.

Spray Tans

Yes, you are probably thinking this is the dumbest and most narcissistic thing in the universe, but trust me you will feel so much better looking at your growing mutilated body in the mirror. When I wasn’t pregnant I got them and they were fun and stuff but being pregnant and getting them I am a hot babe! It is like a foundation for your body, it covers up so much of your stretch marks and even makes your tight belly have a nice glow. Trust me it will make you feel so good, especially if you are a pasty white girl like me.


I have mentioned this a lot on Instagram, but dresses are my life lately. I did finally break down and buy some maternity jeans but all day I live in a dress. First off, with the summer it helps keep you a little cooler. Second, people always think I worked so hard getting ready in the morning because I look so “dressed up.” and last, it is so much easier to put on. It is so hard to bend over and stick your legs in pants sometimes with that belly so to slip it on and off so easy helps so much… I know it’s the little things right?? Bending over can be rough.


I know that sometimes you are pregnant in the winter and it’s a little bit harder, but it feels so good for that hour or however long to be weightless and floating through space. You can just move so easily from place to place in the pool. I do have to give a warning though that after floating for so long your body really struggles to get out. I have to hold my belly because it is so heavy when you are used to being in the water. I say it is 100% worth it. If you don’t have a pool I also love taking baths because you can get that weightless comfortable feeling there too.

You wear the hot and spicy outfit girl!!

Yes, we all have that dress in our closet from before we were pregnant that we felt too self-conscience in. Maybe it was a little tight and you only wore it once a year after you did a ton of sit ups. Well to solve your problem, you now have an adorable baby bump and you can totally show it off. You deserve to feel hot because it’s hard to feel super attractive when you are bursting out of every seam.

Popsicles/ Snow cones

I feel like I don’t need to explain myself here. They are good all year round… Tigers blood, Peach, fudgesicles, coconut, lots of coconut. I really could go on and on but they are so comforting to a hot swollen body. I would even go crazy if it was in the winter because I am an addict.



I have been so tired with this pregnancy and It has been so hard for me to be motivated and a good mom. I have had to turn to a little bit of caffeine to help me, and it makes me feel so good. I know haters are gonna hate me for saying this but during those tired and headache months, it was the only cure.


With all my babies so far I get insane heart burn. With my last baby I would take two Zantac in the morning and two at night, then I would drink an essential oil I got from someone, take 6 tums and sleep sitting straight up. I would still be lucky if I didn’t get it. This time around my doctor switched me to Prilosec and that one little pill has changed my life and healed me! I still have to make sure I eat dinner early around 5, but it has helped me so much.


I have never had a pedicure in my life! Well besides in beauty school when we would practice on each other. I usually am on the other end giving pedicures. This time I had someone else do it for me!  I am so amazed at how good it feels. I feel so much better to just check one little thing off the list and it helps YOU feel so much better about yourself. *I also have thee best husband that gives me so many foot rubs and it helped so much, especially if you are working long days on your feet.


Crying is sometimes the only cure for those uncomfortably hard sleepless nights. It’s okay to have hard days, even though you love that baby inside you so much.It is okay to cry when you hear a sad story on the radio, or when you think you are not good enough, or for those pregnancy hormones where you cry for no reason. I remember one day I was so excited to come home and eat some left overs I had saved in the fridge and I was so excited because it was a homemade meal my mom made that I loved as a kid. I opened the fridge and couldn’t find the Tupperware, I then walked over to the sink and saw a dirty plate in the sink with some of that left over gravy and my husband had eaten it…. I lost it and cried.. and cried… then my little two-year old ran and told daddy that mommy was on the floor crying. I was so embarrassed because sometimes it’s much more than crying over food, and I had to explain to my husband why I was crying. It’s just a water flow of never ending emotions. It can be so hard but oh is it so worth it.


I love music and it helps cure anything I feel like. I have a few songs that I am so obsessed with and they just make me so happy and help me feel so much better. Especially when I drive or clean, I really like to crank these up. Of course, “Thunder- Imagine Dragons” has to be on there, next is “Slow hands- Niall Horan“, I always am in the mood for “Marren Morris- My church“, and lastly is “Sound of your heart- Shawn Hook” try one of these next time you go for a drive and turn it up nice and loud.

5-Second Rule by Mel  Robbins

Okay, this last one sounds really crazy to help you, but I don’t know why but with this pregnancy I just wanted to lay in bed all day every day. I listened to this book from Audible because I’m the worst at reading. It was so good and changed my way of thinking. I loved that while I was pregnant I got into the habit of the 5-second rule and then now having my baby I still am trying to keep that mind set. It’s so good, I will warn you that there is some swearing and it takes a minute before you get really into it. I didn’t start loving it till about chapter 10. It so worth the read and will help you so much in getting things done. You will love it.


I hope that even if just one of these things helps you I will feel like the happiest person on earth because I know how tough it can be and how long and slow time goes by these last few weeks. There are so many emotions for this sweet new baby to be here that sometimes it can get depressing. I would love to know what your feelings are about these or some things you like to do!

Thanks so much for reading,



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