May 3, 2017

Gender Reveal and Freshly Picked Giveaway!


It’s A BOY!!

We are having a crazy party at my house because we don’t know what to do with a boy and have absolutely NOTHING boy related in this house. We are a little turned upside down and are so thrilled and blessed to have our new baby boy join us in September.

Having a special gift for my new baby boy is a must. I’m excited to team up with Freshly Picked from the very beginning of this pregnancy. Even something as simple as these shoes will help me remember everything from the beginning with this little one. It’s crazy how something so small can mean so much to me. I want to one day look back at these shoes and have a flood of memories pour over me, all the good things, bad things, special days, days of nonstop crying and tears, I want it all. These shoes will follow us from the first part of his life and move forward to hold a place in my heart even after he is grown and out of the house.

I didn’t plan on this post to turn into a little bit of a tear-jerker for me, but I’m so blown away with how fast my two girls have been growing up that I want to lay in a bed full of all their baby clothes and remember all the little things. I never thought that parenting would be this hard in this way. I had no idea that one of the challenges with it is letting your babies get older.

I’m so excited for this new chapter in our lives and for new adventures. Cheers to motherhood and savoring those butterfly kisses and belly button giggles.

I wanted to team up with Freshly Picked mainly to give a pair of these beautiful shoes away to one of you very deserving mommas. I want you to have your own pair of “memory shoes”. I hope you love them as much as I already do (even if I’ve still got a few months until he shows up). If you want to be entered for a chance to win your own pair (you pick the size and style), you can check out my facebook or instagram posts a few posts back for all the details on how to enter.

xoxo pretties, don’t forget you are so pretty no matter how hard motherhood gets you down. You should never stop loving yourself and who you are.



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