May 11, 2017

Best Little Girl Hairstyle Guide

(Picture credit is taken by Jennie Grange Photography)

I have always dreamed of the day when I would have little girls and I would give them the perfect hairstyle. I am so lucky to be blessed with two little girls to sit and play dress up with. I was really shocked when my youngest was such a bald little baby and it has taken awhile for her hair to come in but now that it has it has made it so much more fun around here.

These are things I love to use to create the prettiest little hairstyle.

  • Mister (squirt bottle) Is one of those things that once you use you can’t go back! My little girls alway hate getting their hair wet but this really makes a huge difference, and they even think that it’s kinda fun. You will thank me later after you use this for the first time. It’s life changing. I have so many of these bottles at my house and the salon. AMAZING!
  • Big Sexy Blow Dry Gel” I actually do use a little bit in their hair if I’m blow drying their hair and I really like it. The main reason I love using this gel is pure laziness, I love that it’s in a pump and I can get some quick and easy and throw it in the hair. I also love how lightweight it is. I can even brush their hair the next day and it won’t feel crunchy at all. It’s a nice gel.
  • Big Sexy Backcomb in a bottle” This little bottle is a pricey sucker! I’m telling you though, if your kid has a cowlick then this will work miracles on it. I love it so much. I use it for holding the back comb, and I also spray all around the perimeter of the hair with this as well and you hardly need any. It’s so nice for those little hairs that don’t like to go back. I have probably have had my bottle for a good three months before it has run out. I even have my husband use it and it’s amazing. I will say it’s so strong that I only use this on Updos, I like a looser hairspray if I’m just doing a cute curl.
  • Clear elastics. These are a must. I love colored ones too but I always don’t like it when it’s mixed matched and I run out of a color. I finally just decided to do clear ones and be done. I usually get these at sally’s and I buy like 6 bags and fill up a big jar with them and I throw them away after each use.
  • Last but not least a rat tail comb. This isn’t a really pointy one but I like having a little point to part their hair. It comes in handy so much.

( Keep in mind I do still use my thermal protection on them and also a leave in conditioner on top of this when they get out of the bath. It is so important to protect their hair where they are so little and have such thin fragile hair.)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I would love to hear all your comments on what you like to use, or if you have any questions. Also if you are local to me and ever need something I am always happy to pick you up something because I am always at the beauty supply store.


xoxo pretties!!



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