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July 2016

July 30, 2016

A Letter to a Mother From a Kidnapping Survivor


Dear Mothers,

I have written this story so many times in my head and have been much too scared to share it. I have never been one to talk about this experience with others because for some reason, I have felt so embarrassed and almost ashamed. I have always tried to erase it and pretend it never happened. I thought that maybe if I didn’t talk about it, it would just disappear. But it hasn’t… and it never will. I want to share with you my story of being a kidnapping survivor. Read more

July 13, 2016

How To Revive That Old Couch

Hello Pretties!

Raise your hand if you took that free couch? I mean how can you say no to free?? We have all been there in that boat in the newlywed stage of life. We didn’t care what it looked like because we desperately need it! This couch has been in my family for probably 15 years. My parents bought this couch when I was in Jr. High and when my husband and I got married they decided to get new furniture, so we swooped in and gladly took it off their hands, so that way we could have a place to sit in at our apartment.

Read more

July 6, 2016

What You Should Stop Doing


I hope everyone had an amazing holiday! We have had a crazy house here last week. my husband and I got strep throat and my whole bottom lip decided to be engorged with cold sores which is just lovely. But “this too shall pass.” During this sickness I have learned a lot about myself and have been thinking of things that I need to stop doing. I hope you like them and enjoy what is going on in my brain.

STOP trying to do everything! Summer is the hardest time to not do everything you want to do, but it’s not fun when all you do is run around trying to do everything like a chicken with its head cut off. I always know that I’m doing too much when my little girl begs to stay home instead of go to grandma’s house, she always wants to go to her grandmas’ houses. I always try and devote one day a week where all we do is sit at home the entire day and just catch up on laundry, sleep, tickles and doing nothing. Yes I think it’s so important to catch up on doing nothing, it feels so good. Read more