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May 2016

May 28, 2016

Mountains and Floral

This week we were so happy to be a part of a fundraiser event that Kelsie Emm Photography did for a sweet family. I grew up with the mother of this sweet boy down the street and when I saw this event going on I just had to be a part of it. I wanted to help show my support. You can read their story here and be sure to donate if you can because this little boy is going through so much at such a young age. I thought Kelsie did such a great job and she was so fun to work with we are so happy. Also don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom to see the outfit details.

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May 24, 2016

Liquid Lipstick Love

I have never ever liked lipstick, to me I felt like there was no point in putting it on. I always would wear it then by the time I left the house it was already off and I would have to reapply. I have also made a rule to myself that nothing can leave my makeup desk. I know that if I buy a lipstick and take it out of my house, I will never ever see it again. That lipstick is history, gone forever! Then I discovered liquid lipsticks… I got two in my “ipsy” glam bag and I became so obsessed with them because I would put them on and they would last all day long! They are so incredible. I have been on the hunt for great liquid lipstick colors and I have narrowed it down to my 5 favorite.

  1. “Milk Shake” by Anastasia Beverley Hills. I have fallen so in love with this color! It is such a gorgeous light nude, I really like this formula from this brand as well. This color does go on a little bit streaky but once you get it all blended, don’t move for a little bit, and let it dry, it will look so good. I love how this brand manages to keep your lips feeling moisturized. This is probably the shade I use most right now, I have pretty much worn it almost everyday for a week. I think this is worth what you pay.



2. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Venezia.”  This lip stick is so much fun I just love that it’s not like a true red it has that tangerine feel to it. I think that this color is so perfect when you want to live a little bit on the wild side!



3. This shade is a much cheaper version if you are looking for a really good liquid lipstick and you don’t want to spend $20+ on a tube. This is the NYX Liquid Suede in the shade “pink lust.”  Now it does say it’s a cream lipstick so I have noticed when I eat it does transfer a little and will smear so keep that in mind. I do love the quality and how long it lasts and obviously the color. I like wearing this one when I’m a little depressed and need a bright color to make me happy! It also is a good stand out color.



4. The brand from these last two posts take the win for me! This formula is incredible, I feel like it actually forms into my lip and becomes one with my lip if that makes sense. This is by The Balm and it’s the Meet Matt(e) Hughes long-lasting Liquid Lipstick. I received one in my Ipsy bag and I became obsessed with it that I had to buy more shades because it was THAT good. These are my top two shades: the first one is in the shade “Committed.”  This shade is my go-to shade and I wear it so much! Whenever I have brides, I love using this shade for their lips because it gives them that soft natural statement color. It looks amazing in pictures and I can’t get over this color. It’s my must-have shade.


5. My last favorite shade also comes from The Balm called “Chivalrous”. It’s a great pink that isn’t as bright as the last pink I showed. It provides a gorgeous natural pink look. It is a great shade to have for an everyday look.


I hope this helps you and you jump on the bandwagon of liquid lipsticks!! Let me know if you have other killer shades I should try!

I also inserted a video me putting them on for you! I hope you like it!!  Thanks for stopping by Pretties.

May 16, 2016

Pineapple Pretty!

I have been absolutely obsessed with pineapples lately!! They are so adorable and also so good to eat. Me and my cute husband hit our 5 year anniversary and we went on a little trip to the Grand America hotel in Salt Lake City, it was a blast and we had so much fun. My honest opinion is it was incredible and gorgeous and I think it’s so fun to do once, but I thought it was a little overrated but still fabulous. I think the Little America is just as fun. We did go to City Creek and that was incredible and never disappointing. I pretty much spent the whole time at the Sephora store and the food court. We love it there and it’s such a great atmosphere. I hope you enjoy my outfit and I hope you have a happy Monday! Thanks so much for stopping by Pretties.


Outfit Details!

Pineapple top from Pink Desert  They have a few other cute colors as well.

If there is one thing you need in your life, it’s these shoes!! They are the comfiest things ever and the best part is they are only $12!!!! They match so many outfits and are such a cute fun statement piece and not to mention they look so great on.  Hands down my favorite ultimate summer shoe. You can find them here.


May 6, 2016

Brassy Apple T-Shirts

I have teamed up with Brassy Apple and have been loving their clothes. I’m always in the market for clothes that are modest and comfortable. I also love that this company has clothes that have sayings that are positive and make you feel good about yourself. They really know what they are doing. If any of you know my cute little girl Hollynd, you know that she is obsessed with Cinderella. I’m talking about never ending reenactments of me being the evil step sister, the fairy godmother, prince charming, and the guy that puts the slipper on her foot. Then after the slipper fits and we get married, she runs back and we start from the beginning all over again, and keep playing. When the real movie came out, she started a new obsession all over again and just loved it. I love the saying in the movie that says “Have Courage and be Kind“; it’s such a sweet phrase and also so true in so many ways. I think that this little shirt fits her personality so well. I also hope you enjoyed how I styled this cute Homemaker  t-shirt and I think this saying goes perfect with mothers day around the corner.  Happy Mothers Day pretty mommies!!



outfit details:

Homemaker shirt

Red Bermuda shorts


cardigan (old clearance from Dillards)

lip color “Stila in the Shade Venezia

May 4, 2016

My Top 5 Half up Hairstyles

Today on my blog I am talking about the new trend that is happening with half up hairstyles. I was so excited when this trend decided to come back because this was my go to look in elementary school. One thing I love about this hairstyle is it is great for dirty hair when you don’t want to wash it, and also the messier the better. I’m just loving the new “boho” look, even though when I try and wear boho I still try and smooth it and make it look nice. I hope you like my top 5 top favorites to do. Also I made all the names up so hopefully I’m pretty close to their real names.

#1 The half up pull through bun. This is one that I really wasn’t a fan of at first and thought it looked so funny… that was until I tried it…. HOLY COW it’s my favorite!! I was shocked how much I loved it, it’s seriously my go to look, and it’s great for getting out the door fast.



#2 The Mohawk top braid. (well that’s what I named it) This one takes a little bit more effort, but it’s one of those styles where you spend more time on the braid and everyone thinks you spent all morning on it, when really it was fast and easy.



#3 The messy bun boho braid. If I had more time on my hands I would most likely be wearing this everyday because it’s my favorite. I love messy buns they will always be part of my life no matter what, we are best friends.



#4 half up pony tail. If you look in my videos and on my Instagram you can tell I love this one and I wear it way too much.  It’s so great for when you want to look professional and classy. I love wearing this when I teach Gelish classes because it’s a great way to keep my hair out of my eyes and still look cute. I also feel like I’m a hip young teenager again when I wear it.



#5 The wrap around Boho Braid. I know what you are thinking you are going to scroll up and not look at this one because it looks too hard. Trust me it’s so simple you literally make two braids down the side then wrap them and pin them up and hide the ends. I love this one it’s a great messy “hippy” look that makes you feel like you want world peace and love. It make me look mature too which is also great because Momma is about to loose her marbles!!



I hope you love these hair styles and they inspire you to take a break from your “top knot” and try something new. Trust me you will be so happy you did, and don’t forget you are so pretty! xoxo

Hair extensions I’m wearing: 18in layered halo & The Fall.