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December 2015

December 30, 2015

Tis The Season

We had an amazing Christmas/Winter. It has been really cold here in Utah and we are loving the snow with Christmas time. Hollynd was in heaven because we built a snowman and she loved him! She named him Frosty and sang so many songs to him. We were a little upset at Jack though because he kept still his arms and eating them. Londyn on the other hand was not a fan of the cold and cried the whole time pretty much.

IMG_4687IMG_4692IMG_4693Christmas Dresses!!¬†IMG_4723IMG_4829IMG_4965Londyn¬†wasn’t a big fan of Santa.psIMG_4587psIMG_4733psIMG_4757

Hollynd decided she wanted to go duck hunting with daddy! ^^^^


Here is how we decorated the house for Santa!!