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September 2015

September 14, 2015

Bear World.

We always go to Idaho a bunch of times during the year and we have always wanted to stop at bear world. This year we decided to take the plunge and buy tickets and go to see if it was really worth it, here is my honest opinion… It was totally worth it!!! We had so much fun and my kids loved it, and my husband became a kid with all the animals. They have so many fun things for you to do, we drove through bear world like 5 times and every time it was so exciting. They also have a petting zoo which was our favorite part with so many animals and they were so good and nice. My almost 3 year old loved all the little rides they were so cute and great for parents too. I think we will be doing this again especially when Londyn gets a little older. DSC02716DSC02728DSC02729DSC02738DSC02746psHollynd was a huge fan of the goats!DSC02751DSC02768psDSC02781psDSC02809psLondyn loved this deer and I’m pretty sure he loved her. DSC02801Hollynd on the other hand was not happy at all about being by the deer. DSC02790DSC02813psDSC02814psDSC02832DSC02816psDSC02826psDSC02827ps