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July 2015

July 22, 2015

Hello Gelish Education!

I have now decided to become an adult this year. I know, for some reason I thought getting married I would get the successful feeling of entering adulthood but I was wrong, I now had my husband to do everything for me, and my mom still is on the sidelines helping me a ton. Then I thought wow I went through pregnancies and giving birth this will for sure make me feel like I’m an adult now. Nope I just started acting like my babies and cried all the time and began walking like a penguin and neighing like a horsey, and calling my mom to help me through  tough times of breast feeding and my daughter pooping in the bathtub.. but then this summer I became a big grown up person and I feel like a whole new woman.

I decided I wanted to become an educator, ever since I was in beauty school I always loved when the educators came, they just always seemed so successful and knew exactly what they were doing. Then I got out of beauty school and went to so many classes and I just always wanted to be one and have a product that I’m so passionate about to want to share it to everyone. I feel that there is so many clients out there that everyone can succeed and some salons and corporate places I have worked at, there are always some stylists or nail techs that think they are the best and no one can be good like them, and they hide their secrets and don’t tell anyone so they can get all the praise. I think that is totally wrong I feel like we can all help each other out and we can all succeed and everyone can be amazing at hair or nails. When I got out of beauty school I knew nothing about nails and then I had a amazing nail tech offer to let me watch her so I could learn, and lets face it I had zero clients so I had all the time in the world to watch her. Ever since she helped me I have always wanted to help others so they can learn how I do things and it can be helpful to them.

Then I had to decided on a product that I used faithfully through and through so I could really be passionate and that was my Gelish gel polish, I used so many other brands and they all were great but I just always turned to my Gelish and waited every season for what their new collection was going to be and I would run to the store and purchase every color, I even remember driving to another store almost an hour away because I was missing a color from the paradise collection. I loved them so much I was becoming obsessed so *bing* the light came on I knew that was my baby and I had to share it to the world.

I originally applied for the Gelish educator position in January and I had to send in pictures of my work and my dignity that they were going to tell me I sucked, but somehow I got an email asking if I could do an interview on the phone and I went insane. I remember I put my little baby in the swing for a nap, and a little movie on for my daughter because I didn’t want my babies screaming in the background and so I went out into my car in the garage and waited for the call.  The interview went so good and I was so happy and relieved when she asked if I would join them in Brea California to a certification training.

Then my friends, I entered the adult world and got on a big airplane by myself, and I rode a shuttle to the hotel (which I was so nervous about) and figured out how to get places on my own. I felt so accomplished and proud of myself. I met some amazing people and it was such a great experience and really opened my eyes. I felt like I had never done a day of nails in my life because I had to learn so many new techniques and I was so nervous as the work I did got judged, and I was tested.  After the 5 day journey of living in Cali and staying up till 2 am working on homework nails over and over and waking up at 6 am to go to classes  I was then able to go home to my babies and that was so hard to leave them, I missed them so much, but we made it through it. I’m so happy to announce that I passed all my tests and requirements and am now a certified educator!11052402_10207306080115317_889186367439499462_oIMG_316810985925_10207239130801626_3087805789762987454_nIMG_3178IMG_3179IMG_3167IMG_3171IMG_3158IMG_3165IMG_3181


I decided I just had to show you what daddy and the girls did while I was gone, not gonna lie I was pretty jealous!!

I kind of have an obsession with watering my flowers in my yard so they made sure to do that for me. Not to mention going to the zoo and swimming, it was so hard for me to watch my snap chats without crying! I seriously had to wait till the end of the day and watch them when no one could see me cry. (I know I’m that mom)

July 8, 2015

Independence Day

The 4th of July is hands down my most favorite time of the year! This year we had the best time, we started our day off with our favorite donuts and the best spot on the street to watch the parade. Hollynd is still a little unsure about the parade and is very good at staying on the sidewalk, in fact she wouldn’t leave the sidewalk unless someone was holding her hand (I would say we have trained her well). After that we drove around town killing time and decided to  look around at all the houses, (we are thinking about moving) we also went to an open house and had a lot of fun. Another favorite thing of mine about the 4th of July is it happens to be my dear mother’s birthday! Every year we drive up to Huntsville and eat at our favorite BBQ restaurant and we absolutely love it. We always have a table there outside and we bring a birthday cake and sing happy birthday, it’s so fun and the food is fabulous. They also  have fun things in the park like: booths, cotton candy, food and lots of entertainment. My girls love dancing so they were going crazy with all the music playing, and we had to light up the sparklers of course so they went even crazier. Then we finish off our night and watch the fireworks, this day is definitely a day that I could relive over and over. Happy Birthday America!!